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Full Version: Yamaha XVS 400 Bobber (Done!)
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Hello everyone,
finally I started a topic with the project I'm working on.

Last autumn I got drive license and bought a bike.
Absolutely didn't have any skills and thoughts about motorcycles. I just bought it… wanted to know what bikes are about.
I had only 2 months of riding and it was awesome! So last December I decided to build a bobber!
This topic will tell you about my project, sorry for my english, feel free to ask Smile

Okay then, let's start.
What I had on start: Yamaha Dragstar XVS 400 custom, 1996 (ordered by online auction from Japan). My first bike to learn (sick!).
[Image: t3DnMNO7ehI.jpg]

After 2 months of riding I made some conclusions:
  1. Don't want to ride with this fork anymore;
  2. Too loud exhaust;
Let there be light bobber!
I discovered a simple custom motorcycle studio in our city and we started.

That how it was look like in December after full dismantling, just a sketch of future bike:
[Image: fstE8S90N-I.jpg]

Changes list:
  • No old wings, new rear only (custom)
  • Fork and crosshear (is that right word?), Yamaha Dragstar Classic
  • New tank (Izh-49, made in 1955)
  • New old-school tyres (shinko e270 on front, duro classic on rear)
  • Ignition switch relocation under the seat (yamaha fzr)
  • Custom seat (wip)
  • Speedometer (Java 1970, made in ČSSR, new Exclamation  ) in da tank!
  • Throttle & clutch controls (Aprilia 125)
  • No chrome at all
  • Custom exhaust

What we have for today:
[Image: xGL_RP0UPw8.jpg]
[Image: eCzwwkIgG9k.jpg]

[Image: EmBYQ4pkse4.jpg]

Still don't know about the color… Any thoughts?
Wiring works started:

[Image: 2WM23-PQgGU.jpg]
Awesome looking project. Coming right along
Rad dude! Can't wait to see the rest of the progress and the finished product!
Sorry about the delay, but the project was frozen a bit.
Here are some updates:

Frame painted
[Image: JrzAuR0Mbvo.jpg]

Saddle is done
[Image: 1pzFr6pEouY.jpg]

Indicators mounts are made
[Image: ezKWXTZ41CI.jpg]
Love the seat!
Liking what I see so far.

Hey guys, what's up?

Seems we finished! Check this out:
[Image: cYf0FDUaABw.jpg]
[Image: LPnhmD5TQb0.jpg]
Welcome! Looking good! Thanks for sharing! Whats your instagram user?
@jmilay, let me take some great pictures! I'll send u via Instagram directly Smile
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