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Full Version: First bike build
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What I started with and the early frame fab.

"My first build" . . .
Just forgot to mention the fact your a metal working magician!
Hahaha Yeah, Not to green with a Hammer and Tig in hand. Tidy work for sure.

Thanks for the comments.

Here's the before after, I overlayed the back wheel best I could, the images don't overlay perfect  but you get the idea...

Seat take two.  I want the back to come up higher and a bit softer foam.  Fab from scraps of aluminum to avoid having to do any finishing.

and put the front fender on a diet.  sliced 1/2 inch down the middle out of stock fender.

bad ass.
Definitely not what I was expecting when I read my first build. Haha awesome work man.
Start of paint.  I have not done much body work and wanted to see how good my bondo work has to be to paint. 

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