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Full Version: VN800 Build
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Here my latest build.  A 95 VN800.

Started off with this:
[Image: tPWMfvs.jpg]

Had the urge to make changes quick without parts.  Threw a Biltwell solo seat on it using the tank mount bolt and drilling holes in the underseat crossmember.
Pushed the bars back too so it became more of a clamshell.

While waiting for parts to come, I worked on a fender.  Wish I had more pics of that but I'm coming up empty.
Here's a pic once I got the fender done.

[Image: 8u4UQKS.jpg]

This pic shows the fender and cut pipes wrapped.

Needed some new bars so I picked up some keystones:

[Image: vkpHSss.jpg]

After that, the tank grew old quick.  Along with other things but I picked up a sportster tank cheap.  Here's a dry fit for that:

[Image: jrW4Qcz.jpg]

Had to shave all the old tank mounts off, rip out the intake, get a new speedo from dimecitycycles and change the way the thermostat was mounted.  For the thermo, I spun the bottom around and bought some 7/8" hose from autozone to make custom lengths.

[Image: 2H5nuAX.jpg]

Rejetted the carb and changed out the plastic elbow with cvperfomance brass elbow.  Found a K&N that fit the card too.  Swapped out the chain and sprockets to an 18/40 setup.  Avon Grips.  

[Image: IzFWfo3.jpg]

Recently moved the bar switches to under the seat and swapped out the signal switch to one from an ATV since it was slimmer.  Also threw on some underbar mirrors.

[Image: 79CnWG2.jpg]
Weird! I literally just about sold my CB to fund the purchase of one of these with plans on a very similar lay out. Different paint and bars planned though. Good looking bike so far man.
Thank you. When it's a bike for me, I'm never satisfied. I keep wanting to change it up! I need to stop changing it and sell it to fund the next bike!
I hear that! This might be my first bike I am working on but I can see where its going lol
bro this bike is sick. from the start they look so bad, but once done so sick. great work bro
(08-30-2015, 03:01 AM)xfightclubx Wrote: [ -> ]bro this bike is sick. from the start they look so bad, but once done so sick. great work bro

Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words!
have you seen the hrb vulcan builds. adrian was talking to me bout these bikes. how they are alot more powerful then the honda shadow vlx. he was tellin me i should build one. just like my bike stock i hate the look of them. but once they are bobbed out they looks so sick.
YES! The HRB Vulcans are SICK!
I take it your significant other doesnt like motorcycles? I ask because the one thing Id want to do if I had your bike was make that fender ridable. My friends I all agree a bike is worthless if you cant throw a baba on the back, although its an opinion, we all like it.

She actually has her own GZ250! It's that other bike in the top pic. I would love to throw her on the back and just cruise that way too sometimes!
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