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"The Beast" Vulcan bobber - Thomsen - 06-09-2017

It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I figured I'd show off my latest build.
I sold my VN800 bobber last summer and started thinking about my next project. At first I was going for a VN900, but I really wanted to try something different. So I decided to go big..... really big!
I went and bought myself a VN2000.  Smile

I started taking it apart in July of last year, and my free time (which isn't a lot) in the garage. It was a challenge to get such a large bike look smaller, I can tell you that much!
Anyway, I'm almost there. Since the season is kind of short in Sweden where I live, I'll give it a rest for now, and the last few mods will have to wait for later. Right now I just wanna ride! Big Grin
So, I present to you, The Beast.
[img][Image: 35073108321_ecd4ba0592_c.jpg][/img][img][Image: 35073108401_11b5b1eac1_c.jpg][/img]

RE: "The Beast" Vulcan bobber - jmilay - 06-12-2017

It's a beast for sure! Looks good! What else do you have planned?

RE: "The Beast" Vulcan bobber - Breiten - 08-16-2017

That's a beautiful BEAST!

RE: "The Beast" Vulcan bobber - Texa5wolf - 10-29-2017

Wow I really dig this! Looks awesome!

RE: "The Beast" Vulcan bobber - al_crabby - 01-15-2018

lovely bike dude