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Newb from Arkansas... - BobberRob - 07-14-2018

Hey gang, new to the forum and new to the Bobber scene, but have been riding most of my life. I had a V Star Classic that didn't run right so I traded it for a Volusia. The Volusia already had "character" and Cobra pipes, etc. It was a full dresser and that extra baggage had to go. I currently have all unneeded junk removed and am awaiting parts. My drag bars arrived yesterday and the seat kit should be here next week. It is too blasted hot outside to work on the bike for long, but it is getting there. Thanks for having me. I will post pics when I get home from work.

RE: Newb from Arkansas... - jmilay - 07-17-2018

Awesome!  welcome!  looking forward to the build!  keep us updated!