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G'day! - Wiggo - 07-30-2018

Noobie here from Berkshire in the UK, but after 16 years of ownership, I bobbed my VL800 last August...

[Image: 34.jpg]

[Image: bobber.jpg]

RE: G'day! - jmilay - 07-30-2018

Awesome! Pics?

RE: G'day! - Wiggo - 07-30-2018

Nope, I can't seem to post pics.

RE: G'day! - jmilay - 07-31-2018

email us some pics at and we'll post them up here for you!

RE: G'day! - jmilay - 07-31-2018

Ok, it looks like an issue on our side. Attachments do not seem to be working. We will try to figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.