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Newbie - wilhoster - 01-30-2016

Hello. I'm Wille from Tampere Finland. My metric bobber is a 2012 350cc JohnnyPag.

RE: Newbie - 4130 Chassis Werks - 01-30-2016

Welcome man! good looking ride.

RE: Newbie - wilhoster - 01-31-2016

Thanks! ?

RE: Newbie - jmilay - 02-01-2016

Nice! Welcome. Thanks for posting. Got any build pics of it?

RE: Newbie - wilhoster - 02-05-2016

I haven't built it much myself yet. It was looking almost the same when I bought it. Next summer it'll be more ratty fenderless and more bobbed the way I like. I will send build photos when there is signifigant changes done. For now I just made a new aluminum fastbackĀ seat.

RE: Newbie - Daisy2211 - 12-06-2017

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