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02 vt750 hardtail - Mr.Mandoozle - 07-30-2015

current state
[Image: dt%20DC%20-01.jpeg]

How it looked the day I bought it five years ago as "not a project"
[Image: IMG_0059.jpg]

how it looked after my first round. HD 21" and a few other do dads
[Image: IMG_20120108_112722-1.jpg]

Then I went full retard a while later.
[Image: 20140728_191822.jpg]

barely together and running after 9 months

[Image: 9beedaa2-53f2-41b7-84c0-63c9ce4359d6.jpg]

this always trips people out
[Image: GOPR0089_1415112340550_low.jpg]

I then road it to cali
[Image: GOPR6877_1418176877686_low.jpg]

then all over new england
[Image: GOPR9054_1437131335242_low-01.jpeg]

here is a quick build thread

the full build thread as I was building it, contemplating moves and being a newbie. then also alot of my cali trip.

chad mandoozle

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - jmilay - 07-30-2015

Love the pics man! Great post. Hope you're putting ammo in that ammo can now! Fend off your territory!

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - jmilay - 07-30-2015

Just checked out the build thread on shadowriders...sick. The pic with your chick on the back is badass.

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - JuanCarlito - 08-01-2015

Rad bike! Cant wait to finish my cb650 so i can justify buying a v twin to wrench on!

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - Mr.Mandoozle - 08-24-2015

[Image: IMG-20150821-WA0013.jpeg]
went 8 over and a 21 front wheel this past week. pretty happy with it

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - jmilay - 08-24-2015

I like the 21! What was it before? A 16?

RE: 02 vt750 hardtail - Mr.Mandoozle - 08-25-2015

yeah a 16 with an avon 16x5 speed master