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Yamaha XVS 400 Bobber (Done!)
Hello everyone,
finally I started a topic with the project I'm working on.

Last autumn I got drive license and bought a bike.
Absolutely didn't have any skills and thoughts about motorcycles. I just bought it… wanted to know what bikes are about.
I had only 2 months of riding and it was awesome! So last December I decided to build a bobber!
This topic will tell you about my project, sorry for my english, feel free to ask Smile

Okay then, let's start.
What I had on start: Yamaha Dragstar XVS 400 custom, 1996 (ordered by online auction from Japan). My first bike to learn (sick!).
[Image: t3DnMNO7ehI.jpg]

After 2 months of riding I made some conclusions:
  1. Don't want to ride with this fork anymore;
  2. Too loud exhaust;
Let there be light bobber!
I discovered a simple custom motorcycle studio in our city and we started.

That how it was look like in December after full dismantling, just a sketch of future bike:
[Image: fstE8S90N-I.jpg]

Changes list:
  • No old wings, new rear only (custom)
  • Fork and crosshear (is that right word?), Yamaha Dragstar Classic
  • New tank (Izh-49, made in 1955)
  • New old-school tyres (shinko e270 on front, duro classic on rear)
  • Ignition switch relocation under the seat (yamaha fzr)
  • Custom seat (wip)
  • Speedometer (Java 1970, made in ČSSR, new Exclamation  ) in da tank!
  • Throttle & clutch controls (Aprilia 125)
  • No chrome at all
  • Custom exhaust

What we have for today:
[Image: xGL_RP0UPw8.jpg]
[Image: eCzwwkIgG9k.jpg]

[Image: EmBYQ4pkse4.jpg]

Still don't know about the color… Any thoughts?
Wiring works started:

[Image: 2WM23-PQgGU.jpg]
Awesome looking project. Coming right along
2005 Vulcan 800a
BobberLife Orlando, FL
Rad dude! Can't wait to see the rest of the progress and the finished product!
Sorry about the delay, but the project was frozen a bit.
Here are some updates:

Frame painted
[Image: JrzAuR0Mbvo.jpg]

Saddle is done
[Image: 1pzFr6pEouY.jpg]

Indicators mounts are made
[Image: ezKWXTZ41CI.jpg]
From Russia with love.
Love the seat!
Liking what I see so far.

Hey guys, what's up?

Seems we finished! Check this out:
[Image: cYf0FDUaABw.jpg]
[Image: LPnhmD5TQb0.jpg]
From Russia with love.
Welcome! Looking good! Thanks for sharing! Whats your instagram user?
@jmilay, let me take some great pictures! I'll send u via Instagram directly Smile
From Russia with love.

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