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02 vt750 hardtail
current state
[Image: dt%20DC%20-01.jpeg]

How it looked the day I bought it five years ago as "not a project"
[Image: IMG_0059.jpg]

how it looked after my first round. HD 21" and a few other do dads
[Image: IMG_20120108_112722-1.jpg]

Then I went full retard a while later.
[Image: 20140728_191822.jpg]

barely together and running after 9 months

[Image: 9beedaa2-53f2-41b7-84c0-63c9ce4359d6.jpg]

this always trips people out
[Image: GOPR0089_1415112340550_low.jpg]

I then road it to cali
[Image: GOPR6877_1418176877686_low.jpg]

then all over new england
[Image: GOPR9054_1437131335242_low-01.jpeg]

here is a quick build thread

the full build thread as I was building it, contemplating moves and being a newbie. then also alot of my cali trip.

chad mandoozle
Love the pics man! Great post. Hope you're putting ammo in that ammo can now! Fend off your territory!
Just checked out the build thread on shadowriders...sick. The pic with your chick on the back is badass.
Rad bike! Cant wait to finish my cb650 so i can justify buying a v twin to wrench on!
" Look Long and enjoy the ride..."
~Juan Carlito~

Current Build - 2003 Yamaha Road Star 1600 Silver Edition 034/150

79' Honda CB650
86' Yamaha XV750
[Image: IMG-20150821-WA0013.jpeg]
went 8 over and a 21 front wheel this past week. pretty happy with it
I like the 21! What was it before? A 16?
yeah a 16 with an avon 16x5 speed master

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