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New from Colorado
Hey all, not new to motorcycles (however, new to cruisers/bobbers) and of course this website. As I am building a complete frame off build and it will be a bobber, I like to have people that know those ropes well as I've only owned sport bikes and motorcross. Started riding at 6, learned to rebuild a carb at 7 by 10, the top half of a bikes motor. 
Anyway, I really dig bobbers and I just can't get myself to buy a Harley even though my dad was a big Harley guy. I'm way deep into this build and getting ready to build my own exhaust, and at another website, all I got was a "if you don't use baffles, you'll piss off your neighbors."  Confused
I'm just finishing doing a hard tail conversion to my 97 VLX 600 & I am looking @ about 2k of parts powdercoating sitting on my garage floor, and more being added all the time.
Hoping I can hit ya all up for advice and thoughts as this is my first time to this rodeo. Seems like you guys are beyond the factory stock thing...
Welcome to the site! Looking forward to more posts!
    Thanks jmilay, I'm getting X cited as reassembly has started. Everything is back from Powdercoat, I have completely rebuilt the forks and lowered 2 inches with Progressive Suspension. Wheels are reassembled with entirely new dampness, seal bearings as well. I have only been using All Ball Racing and they seem pretty well made. Shinko 777 whitewalls....I have already spent over 2 grand on a bike I bought 2 months ago for $1600. But regardless if it needed replacing, I am taking this bike back to brand new. A few more supports and gussets and the frame will be powder coated and possibly I will be on the road by summer. I am building the exhaust off of TJ Brutal exhaust flanges w/1.75" pipe. I'm not seeing how to post pics yet, I'll figure it out and put some up.





I am doing a pandemonium tank that I'm going to cut out the filler bung and go with something flush, I have the MotoGadget digital fuse box and micro switches so I dumped the entire stock wiring harness. I have a long way to go but I have only been occasionally working on this for 2 months...just something fun to do as a hobby. The motor was strong with 18k miles on it. I don't need to rebuild, but I want this bike back to new. I'm at a point already where I know I can't get back what I have in this project, but that was t it's purpose. But I don't want to have 6 or more grand in this and sell it for 4.
    Seems insignificant but, now that wheels/tires are complete, I can move again on frame fab. So many require many supporting parts for placement. Anyway, I'm happy with the powder coat and white walls. I hope to get a lot of fab done this three day weekend, but my 2 German Shepherds are terrified by the sounds of my MIG and even my TIG so we'll see.

Diggin the white forks/triple tree

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