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Ignition Coil
Bike was running like crap.  Figured it was the carb.  Ripped it off and cleaned it.  Put it back, bike still running like crap.  Figured, maybe I messed up and took it off again to clean it.  This time I replaced gaskets, diaphragms, springs blah blah blah.  Soaked, 40psi to it, the whole nine.  Put it back, bike still running like crap.  Thought maybe a vacuum leak.  Got new rubber and clamp for carb mount.  seem to grab tighter and carb seemed more secure.  bike ran great!  then it didn't after 2 miles of riding.  checked fuel lines and it seems like the bike only ran on prime. (Tank is gravity feed since it has a sportster tank)  Petcock was gunked up and would not feed fuel fast enough on the "on" position.  ok, let's ride.  Ran fine for 4 miles this time.  pulled off to the side, bike cooled down a bit, starts right back up.  couple miles down, poops out again.  cools down, starts and runs fine, poops out.  Made it home.  Checked spark plugs, they look great.  checked for spark by grounding them.  Ignition coils - 4.5ohms on primary.  19.3k ohms on secondary.  out of spec.  I imagine, when getting heat soaked, they threw up on themselves, cooled down back to an acceptable range which would allow for enough spark for the bike to run.  replaced it with some arrowhead ignition coils.  skeptical because they aren't the $115 dollar versions from Kawasaki.  $28 on ebay.  measured them - 4.3 ohms on primary - 14.5k ohms on secondary.  they came pre-wired - just need to unscrew your old plug caps, cut wires down to length, and screw on the caps.  So far, so good.  Bike running like a charm, not pooping out, idle is great, no decel backfires, no backfires at all.

[Image: IMG_3063.JPG]
Old IC with wire screwed off.
[Image: IMG_3881.JPG]
Old compression fitting - I'm pretty sure you can reuse these.  I was able to take off the compression fitting off the old wire.  (If anyone is considering doing custom colored wires.)
[Image: IMG_5238.JPG]
Front IC installed - Just like stock.  Original plug cap screwed on new wire.

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