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painting with metal flake
Started with a speedshape from they run about a $1 each. Scuffed it with 400 grit Norton paper and use UPol adhesion promoter.

Next I sprayed it with a black Omni plus basecoat from PPG. It is a mid level basecoat. It's Ford black I dressed up with red and gold pearl.  3 coats of the base more than covered the speedshape.
I sprayed the basecoat with a 1.5 tip which is ideal for spraying basecoat IMO

Next I dipped in to my metal flake stash and mixed up something I call ghetto prom night. Roth is my favorite flake. Paint huffers  makes a nice flake as well they just don't have a huge selection of colors. But it's a great flake and Brian the guy who owns the company is a good cat.
I mixed this in PPG's DBC500 which is pretty much clear basecoat.
The flake was sprayed out of a 1.8 tip from a cheap primer gun. 1.8 is the smallest tip size you want to use on flake. If you spray a monster flake there is guns with up to 3.0 tips.
Honestly it has about 4 coats of flake plus me blowing a little out of my hand which I'll cover another day.

Next I shot 2 coats of Glasurit 923-255 clear in it. It's my favorite clear on the planet. It's about $275 for a 5 liter can of it plus reducer and hardner it's over $400 but worth every cent. This was sprayed out of an Iwata gun with a 1.3 tip excellent tip size for spraying clear.

I wish I had more pictures and had a way to post from something other than my phone.  Fell free to comment or ask questions

Sorry about the picture links I'm still shopping and figuring out photo hosts. Doing this from my phone doesn't help I'm still shopping home Internet providers since we dropped AT&T when we moved in August. Please click on the links
Do you need any type of special protection when you're painting with metal flakes?

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