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My Suzuki Savage Build
[Image: TvcM84p.jpg]

this is my 1st build i don't even have my full licence yet a lot of people
ask me why i didn't do a harley so ill be up front and give you the same
answer - every bike mag i pick has a  either a pan head a shovel head a
knuckle head or same other s&s or ultma variant and to be honest I'm tired
of them !  i really wanted to challenge my self for as far as i can see
having a harley there are just way to many shiny bolt on parts in which i
had to ask my self do i want to accessorise a bike or build a bike .the
next part was easy take the most unassuming bike out their - the bike were
you can laterally drive past each day without noticing it and destroy its
image rebuild to the point were you have to take note of it .
I'm the type of person that isn't happy in just doing your run of the mill
type alterations nor did i want to follow a direct style this was my bike
there for my style .
there are sooooooooo many changes here and there it'll be hard for me to
list them all so ill just give you some the frame dimensions to get started
over all the frame has been lengthened 12 inches over factory
the seat position has been moved back 4 inches and dropped 5inches
some of the harder things i had to over come was the carby set up and
velocity stack -jetting needle height bends in the pipe for better
atomisation which lead to 5 hr of reading on what the diff circuits do and
how thay affect each other .
the other hard part      well not hard but time consuming was the pipe in
which i must of spent anther 6 hr reading on how harmonics work the pulse
of the engine the time in-between then the pulse ,the heat and so fourth
learning how to move manipulate the air to change the note of the exhaust
this was important as i wanted my bike to have a very distinct sound like a
very angry bark with a slight cackle but very slow and low idle even went
to the point of learning about different types of steel mild ,stainless etc
etc and how that affects the note .
before i even started to dismantle my savage i wanted to use every part of
her this led me to cut reshape alter almost every part of the bike the only
off the self parts are the front light indicators and seat everything else
is hand made .
looking at the chain guard you can get an idea just how much lower it is
over factory  .
the front rake has been slightly altered as well with the front forks
getting a working over to lower the ride hight.

[Image: sLJwyJf.jpg]

[Image: iYb3I3s.jpg?1]

[Image: FTP6BPe.jpg?1]

[Image: RuHpo0t.jpg?1]

[Image: 7raW1nq.jpg]

[Image: oDTfqMJ.jpg?1]

[Image: ZC6S8Fq.jpg?1]

[Image: w524p5z.jpg?1]

[Image: nHAew6G.jpg]

[Image: PM2EDRU.jpg]

[Image: 4tOe0xI.jpg]

as stated this was my very first time even touching a bike so i was all
about learning for now after this build its time for me to execute what i
have learnt for my 2nd one
cheers and thanks for your time
ps I'm really crap at typing sorry
wow! this thing is gnarly! Awesome job man.
" Look Long and enjoy the ride..."
~Juan Carlito~

Current Build - 2003 Yamaha Road Star 1600 Silver Edition 034/150

79' Honda CB650
86' Yamaha XV750
This thing is sick!
Wow great bike
cheers guys iv been working on my velocity stack pics posted soon just waiting on the chrome platers

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