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Build I been really looking into
So my build at hrb is taking alooooong time. I really dont even know whats going on with my bike as of yet. Im going to make a stop by there tomorrow.
Anyways Im ready to ride again while most people put their bikes up for winter I love to ride during winter. I live in houston so it very rarely snows here. tjbrutal customs is now building frames for the shadows. Im thinking of having him build me a frame with 3 degree rake, stretched out bout 3-4 inches. Throw a 750 motor in it, 23in front wheel, 18in rear wheel, peanut tank, etc. I want to build a bobber on my own this time. After dealing with shops I think its about time I just pull the plug and do it all on my own. i have a million ideas in head right now and I also go another buyer lined up if I can build him the right bobber.
So what's the hold up?
His frames are for the 600's. If you want to put a 750 im not sure it will bolt in, but I do know he has plans to make one for that too. His prices are fair and its a step in the right direction for him and the honda scene.

maybe I should stop there but Im not one to shy away from speaking my mind.

Im not impressed with the frames. They are insanely wide. A bit more design and he could have nailed it.
Second the 600's are such a good start for making a custom bike already I would have started with a 750 frame as they are not very adaptable to change, most you see are shockingly stock and the 5 speed and power are much more desirable over the 600.

Personally I want nothing but success for him, hes a motivated dude with a dream and wish him nothing but luck.

As far your issue, how long has it been and how much work are they doing to your bike? most of the builds Ive seen from them are front wheel swaps, exhaust and paint which shouldnt take more than a monthish. Did you pay in full yet?

If you do pull the plug on building your own, I wish you luck. Its tuff but in the end such a great feeling to say I did that and to know every part of your ride personally is the best.
On my next build i just really want more power. im thinking of even going with a vulcan 800 instead of a honda again.

the frames that tj builds i like them. to be honest i dont know a ton about frames or how they are suppose to be designed. ive asked him about stretching the frame a bit and raking out the neck. he said its all possible.

i was payin hrb for couple months before i actually brought my bike to them. its been at least 2 months now since the bike has been there. its all paid off. its alot of work getting done so i understand it taking a while. but i thought it would be done by now. new triple trees getting made, 26in front wheel, rear swing arm has to get rebuilt with stretch, air ride, exhaust, billet pegs, grips, and foot shifter, slim peanut tank, paint motor and notch the heads, paint bike, add rear fender, 18in rear wheel, make new handle bars, new license plate bracket and led taillight, list goes on i forgot what else there so much.

but my next bike ima ask for a lil help from the vets. but its something i want to do on my own.
vulcans are great platforms.

What you need to ask yourself and answer as honest as possible is how much do you want to get into building.
If you just want to get to know a bike and make it yours, by all means a vulcan will be great. Its a perfect platform for ease of customization.

You wanna get to where you can build bikes, any bike... go with something not so easy and be prepared to put a lot of effort into setting up your shop. Build table, welding, drill press, lathe mill, english wheel, hammer dollies, vices, frame jig etc. Then stretch your skills and imagination.

If you dont mind what ball park did you pay for all that work? If you paid before you even brought the bike in they should have had shit there and ready before you brought it in, wheel, trees, etc. Id be worried its been set aside, they've been paid, they can take their time is a good motivator.
Ive owned a import performance car shop in the past and I have alot of knowledge bout working on car. As for bikes the more I look at them its alot easier. As for custom fab work Ive never done it on my own. Thats the only thing that has really stopped me from even opening my own bike shop. My next build I dont plan for it to be real quick. I want to take my time with it.

I actually got a really good deal I paid under 8k for it all. I had both my bikes in the shop at the same time. A customer wanted to buy 1 of my bikes so I sold it and told him to just keep the money. I had already paid more then half at that time. So the bike is paid off plus a lil more. Im sure Ill get my bike back just not sure when. It went from a few simple things to every time I would look at the bike I just kept adding and adding more stuff to do. Thats why Its taking along time.

Also bro thanks for all the information and advice. This is the type of stuff I look forward to. Seems like alot of people who build bikes like cars are real hush hush. So alot of information it kept a big secret. I dont know why when all of us can learn from each other.
Honestly its hard to talk to people when it comes to opinions and knowledge. Theres more than one way to skin a cat and it seems that mechanical people by nature are also beyond hard headed...myself to be included, but I try.
Style is and always will be a big thing in the custom culture. However teaching the idea of style is tuff. To me timeless is the goal, no wrongs, just good style; it is very hard, but doable.
I have a bike chat amongst a few friends and its ridiculous watching how often "i dont like that" vs the idea of finding what they do like in something they may not like over all. I ask why they don't like it and watch them stumble on words...hipster shit if you will.
My boys aint hipsters per say but fuck if they dont hate more than they find the good. Efforts in the wrong place in my opinion.

Its honestly a pleasure talking with you dude, you remind me of me five years ago when it come to motorcycles, just a bit more money and direction.

Back to the subject, you know how it goes then, shit always takes far longer than intended.

As for the better of the subject, YES DO YOUR OWN BUILDS. I whole heartetly support the idea of paying for quality, but the "bobber" industry has malt liquor money with rare bourbon taste. I say cut your teeth in motorcycles and figure the future of money out from there. Be glad you don't have a bike shop right now. Could you make money, sure, good money...ehh thats an opinion. Build for you and what you think will give you skills, build greatness and have standards and I promise the money/future can and will come in due time.


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