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show us your car thread.
we have a good idea of what most peoples bikes are on here. show us your cars or car being built.
Well I do own an 04 Audi S4.

[size=medium][b][size=large].          Email:    Instagram:  @metricfab         .[/size][/b][/size]
damnnn never seen a miata like that. at my boys shop they got a miata up there with a ls motor they are doing.
That Miata is sick!

now thats nice. whats all done to it.
Thanks! Not a whole lot. BC Coilovers Megan Exhaust, Invidia Downpipe, K&N Filter, Cobb Accessport running Stage 2 Map. Kartboy bushings and short shifter. ProSport gauges (Oil Pressure and Boost).

Niiiiiice. I like nice clean cars. But then again I like crazy wild show cars too. I prefer to be in a nice clean car though. Draws alot less attention. I try to stay pretty low key but my car doesnt help. You have any other plans for it?
I've always got plans for it! It's my wallet that never joins along in my plans! Seriously though, I've always wanted to throw a rotated turbo setup in it and lose the top mount for a front mount. Really hoping for a reliable 400hp daily someday! Injectors, fuel pump and bigger turbo would be fine (tune too).

bad ass. i really love cars new or old. ive owned quite a few turbo cars and have owned a import performance shop along time ago. i actually hated working on subarus just cause i wasnt familiar with them. i had only worked on hondas and acuras before. but once you get addcited to that boost. your wallet always seems to be a lil more empty and your car with a few more new parts. hahaha. along time ago i built a pretty simple civic hatch ran 12's back then. on the street back then it was my vette killer. had alot of fun back then. now i drive my grandpa car real slow. hahaha

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