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show us your car thread.
lol yea the miata is pretty fun i have done a good bit of clearance modifications on the car to allow a good bit of travel for the massive tires. its a handful to drive in the rain but i think its goofy and worth it lol.
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Did some more work to the miata lately got it where itll take some jumps without rubbing at all. LOL poor car has about 5 inches less quarter panel now. 

[Image: Miata%202%201%20of%201_zpszlmzwhbz.jpg]

[Image: Miata%201%201%20of%201_zpst0huyqh8.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0617%201_zpskpjyd2bt.jpg]
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DAMN!!!  Big Grin
[Image: image_zpsn3uc82mb.jpeg] 1965 Chevrolet C-10 shop truck
That is rad.  Not my truck (I wish it was) but damn this is a rad truck - 

[Image: Cf6Nq1u.jpg]
been a little bit. To go along with my Valk bobber, I gave a 1992 Mustang LX that I have owned since 1994. Very modest 347 stroker with dreams of Procharged 408 swirling around my head...

[Image: IMG_20130901_145229_464_zps80h5rfpb.jpg]
From a bagger to a bobber!

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