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New to site
UWhat's up fellas, new to the site. I have an 06 spirit 750. I bought it about 4 months ago and I have slowly been making small changes. Hoping to learn a few things and transform this thing into a new a beast.

[Image: image_2.jpeg]
nice. cant wait to see some changes has alot of potential to be bad ass.
Welcome Bonz06spirit! Thanks for signing up! Looking forward to the progress of this build!

Lots of simple stuff to make the engine a bit more peppy and a dropping a few teeth in the rear will greatly improve the ridability, especially on the highway.

Im around 85-90k on my engine and still have the stock clutch in it. Regular oil changes, tires, chains and a set of clutch springs is all Ive done in 5 years.
Sweet thanks fellas

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