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Chubby bars for metrics using 7\8 mounting and controls.
Any thought on this? 
I'm looking for your feedback on this idea. and if anyone is interested please contact me and lets get started on this.
I've yet to come across any companies making such a thing for the metrics bikes that are 7\8 mounted. so i'd like to be the first to start marketing this.
my only concerns are clamp clearance on certain styles of bars and clearance issues with the brake reservoirs. and if its possible for someone to show me the gap between theirs bars and brake reservoir it'd be much appreciated. i dont have old parts layin around the shop to moch up and test fit.

so post up with your feedback and thought, lets hear what everyone thinks about this.
this sort of thing has been out there for bikes it 1 inch mounting and cookie cutter bikes for a while now. i think its time to bring this to some the old school metrics and custom builds.

Thanks in advance.
Would you consider like a 1inch to 7/8 conversion kit. I guess what I'm asking is 7/8 risers to accompany 7/8 bars. Could you fab up risers?
unfortunately im lacking the equipment to make risers like that.
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