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21in or 23in front wheel.
What all do i need to install a 21 or 23 inch front wheel on a honda shadow vlx. Is there different width 21 or 23in wheels? Do i use my stock hub or what hub do I buy? Can I use my stock brakes and rotors?
I'm not sure whats required for the swap. I imagine if you still use the stock rotor, the stock caliper shouldnt be a problem. For the hub, you'd probably have to find a bearing set to fit the hub and axle combination that you have. I know there's a guy in Miami throwing 23"s on VLX's all day. I'll see if I can find his info. Saw a few of his bikes at a show with 23"s on front and back.
cool thanks
2 routes here
Keep front brake. You will have to use your spindle hub and have a 21 or 23 barrel laced in. Not sure how to check interchangeability from other models/bikes.
No brake. Google axle diameter list, find what axle yours has then look for a 21 or 23 available off another model then get spacers made at a machine shop. I took this route with my cb.

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thanks for the info.

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