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And another Oz rider..
Hey all. Names Dan.

Thought I'd check out the scene here, as our own bike site lacks the Bobber feel some.

From down Vic. Just picked up myself a V-Star 650 custom to get  my hands dirty on. First, Its needs its "Repairable write-off" title lifted. Been sourcing parts and such to appease the inspectors and Im almost done. Bobbing to come. I Airbrush and Pinstripe also, so I've been keen to put some special touch's on something to call it mine.

Hope to see the site grow.

Thanks for checking the site out! Hopefully we can gain more momentum and get more bike heads to help others out too!
It has the potential. And the Metrics sure are Modded about the globe.

Hey Dan, I'm also from Melbourne - lookin' forward to seeing your v-star bobber Smile

Clearing the 'repairable write-off' can be tricky...good luck!

Hi Mate.. Think I've seen that name before... I'm damn sure I have. Where tho, I cant recall.

Yeah, I was doing all the work myself. I had no intentions of Keeping it, as it was. So didnt bother being to strict with, "Back to factory".... Which I found, once ready for the inspection. I would have lost a chunk of money and no pass. And replacing parts I had already brought.

So I brought a cheap Asian bike Im in the middle of Cafe styling (build thread on Netrider) Just for fun and get on the road.

V-star's sitting in the corner now. I see re-framing is one way around the viv.. And I'll look into it later on.


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