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First Bobber Build
Been Keen to build a Bike for awhile. Rode mostly Dirt. But have always had a Likeing for Custom Cycles. So here we go.

09 XVS650 Custom. Sourced thro a guy that picks up recovered insurance bikes and flips them. The Story go's: Was a Stolen and recovered Vehicle. Its been classed by our RTA the Bike can be re-registered, after a certified inspection station gives the clear that the bike isn't a Vehicle replated by thieves to sell on. For this I have to restore the bike back to its last registered state (Which I have little knowledge of) So back to Factory is the default.

SO.. Before I can do any Mods.. Including Colour change. I have to replace parts that have been missing, cut off or butcher'd during its theft. And so it go's.

Colour change. Blue, green or white.. I'm unsure. Airbrush with Pinstriping, as thats what I do.
Tank change. Peanut or stock? Im liking the Peanut a whole lot. But stock has its place too..
Pipes.. Rust is showing thro on what I have.. Thinking of Fabbing my own. Chroming here is expensive.. So wrap.
Rear fender Mods... Build my own. Shorty
Head light.. Hate the Ness looking shit their already!!
Solo seat.. Unsure which way I'll go. But I have a good idea.
Handle Bars.. Those stockies can hang in the back room. Have plans to fab my own. I predict Internal wiring is going to be a bitch. We'll see.

Easy hey... lol

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.jpg   vstar home.jpg (Size: 83.17 KB / Downloads: 64)
Can't wait for the outcome! Keep us posted!
Thanks Jmilay. Been collecting parts for the process, and with that, Im done.

Ive found the bike had been sitting around for a time and accumulated a fair bit of weathering. So far the Front pipe has been the only part I cant bring back.

Thieves had lost the Mufflers. Took the longest to source these (used)


Lost in the sale, the Ignition lock/key and the side Neck plate cover. Used, these where going for $80U.S. For the life of me, I couldn't find a Ignition lock/key ass here.
So I decided I'll make my own neck cover. And source a key barrel from a Sporty.
But then with research. Found these parts may not have pleased the inspectors. Resulting in a reassessment and fee's payable. Its a hefty bill as is. One time is all I want to be doing this!

.jpg   neckplate template.jpg (Size: 51.8 KB / Downloads: 64)

The Mirrored Cover plate.

Rear fender damage

.jpg   Fender cut.jpg (Size: 60.23 KB / Downloads: 55)


.jpg   grindpatch.jpg (Size: 79.99 KB / Downloads: 54)

More to come..

And sanded.

.jpg   groundedsmooth.jpg (Size: 65.97 KB / Downloads: 42)

The Tank. Well that was pretty beat up from the locking fuel cap being butchered off. Think they used a "Jimmy bar" here.
So I fabbed my self a Slide hammer from scrap.

.jpg   Dings circled.jpg (Size: 55.73 KB / Downloads: 42)

.jpg   dings.jpg (Size: 55.16 KB / Downloads: 41)

Pulled out..

A little polyester filler, Those side decals removed, DA sanded and Primed.

.jpg   prime scuffed.jpg (Size: 73.6 KB / Downloads: 40)
Nice work on the fender and tank!
Thanks Man. Getting closer to having this on the road. Then I can start with changes.

New Boots have been fitted. Rocker Box's looked as tho they had never been cleaned. So pulled 'em off for a polish (Man, that rear one is a Bitch to remove!)
Rear Fender had paint and ready to install. Fuel tank has been painted 4 times due to issues/ Incompatibility to the primer?? To say its testing my patience is an understatement!! I'll get it done.


.jpg   rockerpolished.jpg (Size: 55.71 KB / Downloads: 20)


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