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First bike build
Yeah , Primer Will do that all right. It wont show sandpaper scratches tho.

Nice Work!
Sealed up tank and painted today.  I hope that sealer worked.  It's the Caswell epoxy one.  They call it a pint but the inside the box it says 12 ounces.  Not much came out when I turned it upside down so I hope I had enough to cover everything.  Rotissery makes a nice paint rack too :-)

Powdercoating frame next.  Planning on a deep copper metallic but also considering a candy red.  Will run like this to work out any bugs over the next few weeks.  Just an excess bracket to remove and a mount for coils to move forward so far.  Last pic is the color I'm thinking.

That color will look pretty sick! Hard to picture but I'm sure it will look dope!
On to paint and powder coat. 

Love the color! Looking sick!
This pic shows almost done, just missing battery covers which I forgot the day of powder coating.  Arrived about a week later, have not had time to get another pic since all assembled.
Solid seat was too rough. This is rev 2 of a more classic bobber seat.  Covered with vinyl now but wondering about doing leather?

Agreed that orange looks great

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