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Swedish bobber fan saying hi!

I just thougt I'd introduce myself.

The name is Fredrik Thomsen and I live in Åhus in the southern part of Sweden.
I've been customizing a few bikes in the last few years and I just can't get enough of it! As soon as one bike has been changed to my liking, I start thinking about the next project. 
Anyway, I'm glad that I found this forum, because I think I will get tons of inspiration from you guys.

My latest project is a -96 Kawasaki VN 800 Classic that I bought from a friend.
It started out as a red & white stock bike with V & H pipes and a Mustang seat, and after I spent last winter rebuilding it it looks like this:

[Image: 27147155260_c89a3ae9aa_z.jpg]

I'm looking forward to browsing through this forum to see what you guys have done with your bikes. See ya around!
Ride safe Bobberheads.   Cool
good work so far.
Looking good! Welcome!
Nice work!

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