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Nocturnal shadow/spirit 750 Honda Bobber Build
Hi there, this is my first build thread. I figured since  jmilay had the courage to reach out to reddit to get his forum off the ground that I’d be brave and post up my build as it happens.
I purchased this bike two weeks ago.

[Image: WZq1YWv.jpg]

The first thing i did was remove the saddle bags & sissybar and remove some of the chrome pieces so i could plastidip them black. plastidip is great as i can peel the paint off if i decide to take it back to chrome later.

Also Plasti-diped the front struts and tacho surround.

[Image: ia7jYpm.jpg][Image: onUtyGK.jpg][Image: NwYGa8u.jpg][Image: ylvC9Cj.jpg]

(Had to split the post due to image limit)

Heres a couple of images of inspiration i've collected for my build.

[Image: cPrM0gr.jpg][Image: qsD89HB.jpg]
[Image: TjrqGj6.png]

And here is some recent ebay purchases i'm waiting to arrive to get started on. Flat black 29" / 1"drag bars, Bitwell brown 1" grips. Black exhaust wrap. 1" risers, bar end mirrors.

[Image: oF4juhG.jpg][Image: QSAzM0b.jpg][Image: Ln742Zz.jpg][Image: njkS2rE.jpg][Image: h7xM2Hn.jpg]
for the bitwell grips i was inspired by this image

Not a bobber but awesome.

[Image: aOeOEih.jpg]

My biggest issue at the moment is the after market seat the bike came with . Being a tall guy i like to sit further back on my bikes. This seat prevents that so i'm still deciding on whether to go for a solo "spring/bobber" seat" or find an original honda shadow seat.

I'll hopefully be blacking out the motor this weekend. Once I work out how to get the tank of without spilling fuel everywhere as this model has no fuel shut off valve.

I'll update once I've made some more progress.
Thanks for the post! Looking great so far! Those grips look sick! With the pic of that trumpy, I can see why you picked those grips! Can't wait to see your finished product!
That is awesome.  I am waiting to hear back right now if the dealer will agree to my price for an 04 750 Aero.  If so I am ready to start turning wrenches on it ASAP.  Excited about this new forum and getting to be a part of it.
Welcome to the Forum Curtis_Low! Can't wait to check out your build!
Ok. So had a busy long weekend a few weeks ago. (been lazy in posting this up)

My goals where to paint the tank black and install my old bobber seat from my old bike.

I was a little worried about removing the tank since this bike has electric sensors etc. But i stumbled apon[/url] [url=]THIS GUIDE over at shadowgarage.

Now understanding what had to be done, i got to it! Siphoned the tank till what i though was empty. Unbolted it and removed the petrol sensor wires (making sure to mark them so i know which way they go back). Then unpluged the two fuel hoses. I had about another 2litres of petrol continue to poor out. luckily i was prepared with a funnel and bucket. I'd suggest having a lot of rags handy as i got fuel everywhere!

which left me with this.

[Image: 20K1Nv8.jpg] [Image: G3vZeTY.jpg] [Image: 59FXaoA.jpg]

Now that i could access the chrome tops i removed them and the chrome side covers.

[Image: 0ljQPtG.jpg]

Then simply tapped up what i didn't what to be black and went for it. I used VHT engine enamel Black. And did about 5 light coats over 3 hours.

[Image: NCadi2s.jpg]

While i was waiting i figured i'd see how the solo seat from my old bike would look. turns out it fit ok.

[Image: afAE5X2.jpg]
Then it was just a matter of putting everything back on.

[Image: jsqUA1s.jpg]

While literally waiting for paint to dry, i descided to remove the "shadow" badges from the tank. This is done with a hairdryer to melt the glue and a plastic scrapper. To remove the glue residue my girlfriend suggested tea tree/eucalyptus oil, it worked a treat with a bit of elbow grease and a rag.

[Image: ilq7t56.jpg][Image: l46EPXD.jpg]

Now the seat. I purchased this solo seat with copper springs for my old bike almost a year ago but i never used the springs and just had the seat mounted to the frame. Now i had a chance to use the cool looking copper springs.

  Becausei'm a bit of a noob when it comes to bike customizing I wanted to avoid welding. My plan was to attached the springs to the seat. and then attached the seat to the bike.

[Image: jVL2rpy.jpg]

I managed to attach the springs with just some nuts and spacers and a skinny socket wrench.

Now for the mount. Most solo seats come with a universal mount that looks like this.

[Image: 106-0002_1.jpg]

All i did was simply cut off the bend part. and using the mount flat. Bolting the mount to the under side of the seat and bolt that holds the tank on. All I needed was a longer bolt to replace the original tank bolt.

[Image: OvpqDoi.jpg]

The springs perched perfectly between the frame and the rear guard. Not the most ideal solution but has worked for me so far. If i was a better fabricator I would suggest welding the springs to the frame.

This is what i ended up with at the end of the first day. 

[Image: KIDANnp.jpg]

Day 2 The bars.

Day two started by removing the stock grips,mirrors and controls.

[Image: hq9TUub.jpg][Image: 9VnM6br.jpg]

Nothing to complicated here just unscrew the bar end stoppers. removing the grips can be difficult, i've heard of some people using air compressors to blow them off. But i just stick a screw driver under the grip and move it around to dislodge any glue that may be holding them on.
Then pull. Removing the Controls and brakes is just a matter of removing the long screws found on the underside of the controls.

Newbars time.

[Image: JCk30BG.jpg][Image: P7oib83.jpg]

I had planed to use the small 1" risers I ordered but after testing it out the stock risers and the new flat bar felt surprisingly comfortable.

So i just plastidippd the stock ones black and finished of the bars.


With the honda shadow throttle you will have to drill a hole in the bars so the throttle can be mounted properly. (I forgot to take a photo of this.)

[Image: 4okqqAx.jpg]

After that I took a test ride to make sure I was happy with the locations of the bars.

[Image: jw32YFc.jpg]

Some before and after photo's

[Image: aJW5nj5.jpg] [Image: oePW3nm.jpg]
That was it for that weekend.

Some shots parked at work.

[Image: dl5wtvv.jpg]
[Image: yjeewFZ.jpg]

So i was tossing up whether or not to sport a dyna style fairing. 

[Image: $_57.JPG]

I know its played out, and been done by sons of anarchy. But i still think its cool so .... I got one. haters gona hate.

Exhaust wrap arrived the same day so they both went on.

[Image: hFUxC4K.jpg][Image: b8esojT.jpg]

The mounting kit it comes with is basically usless for a honda shadow. I used it for a few days untill driving at night i realised it made my headlight point to the sky lol

[Image: BV5T0OG.jpg]

[Image: WpsmJdJ.jpg]
[Image: ugY8ssv.jpg]
I actualy ran out of exhaust wrap on the top pipe and had to finished it there but it doesnt look to bad.

After ditching the mounting kit of the fairing, I positioned the headlight correctly and used a number of zip ties to mount the fairing to the headlight. I also ziptied it to the forks so it's secure. Until i come up with a better way for it to stay on it'll have to do.

[Image: sv74a31.jpg]

And thats how it sits today.

next plans are:
 side mounted number plate, hardtail style rear guard, new turn signals, remove front guard, Black out wheels?,

So yeah. Shy
Looking good! Blacked out wheels would set it off nicely too. I love the brownish tan seat and grips.
Looking good. Blacked out wheels would look good for sure. As for the front fender, I'd suggest shortening it to a classic bobber style but not removing . . . I removed mine and went for a ride and felt like I was being drug behind a horse in the mud lol. Mind you I live on a dirt road so from here to the highway was the worst part. But I definitely prefer the ride without the rocks in my teeth, even if it doesn't look as cool!
" Look Long and enjoy the ride..."
~Juan Carlito~

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Looks good

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