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the Hardly Davidson Shadow 750 spirit
Hi everyone, just wanted to share my little Shadow 750 spirit. I bought it in August in basically stock form, and well, this is what I have now. My friends call it the Hardly. Lol. Shoot me any questions about my scoot, I'm friendly most of the time

I'm not a Chevy guy, my buddy is a hardcore Dodge guy, so I bought him a Chevy sign just to troll him
great bike! welcome to the forum! Any more plans for it?
(12-01-2016, 03:04 PM)jmilay Wrote: great bike!  welcome to the forum!  Any more plans for it?

Thank you. I think at some point I'll be doing a 21" front wheel, paint the wheels, the bottom of the forks and everything above the triple trees black, make a sissy bar, and possibly a custom rigid tail. Also, I'd like to find some nicer pipes for it. I was thinking of going up to 18" apes, but it was hard enough to wire these up, I don't think I want to do it again any time soon.
Nice! Look forward to that! What if you wired up all the switches to be somewhere on the frame/body? Then, all you need to worry about are brake and throttle.

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