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1982 KZ750 Twin Bobber Build
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So a couple years back I traded my .357 revolver and 300 bucks for this bike.  I've done quite a bit to the bike at this point, including a complete rewiring, hard-tail section, amongst other things.  The first picture here is how it looked after I got it, and all the others are what it looks like now.  In the near future, I want to add a fender in the style of a 1950's-70's Harley sportster,  glass bead the frame, battery box, e-box, and all other bare metal parts and have a shop put a flat clear coat on all of it, and switch up my exhaust system a little bit.  Let me know if y'all have any ideas.

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTRWNVZHdkYTNxRU0=w1270-h565-iv1]

This is the most current picture I have.  Stripped quite a bit of weight off of it.
[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTODJodUZBbVVWTkE=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTbUJ3cURUa2lRdG8=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTQy1pdlctR3JIek0=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTMzdzSU9xMlZGS3M=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTQUs1SlFLRkxBcUk=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTb0RxYW5ZaVJlMVU=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTMzRnTnpCbi1qUk0=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTZ0kzTjhjeW8wZjg=w1270-h565-iv1]

[Image: 0B5EepSHMwaBTX1dCWlRYanBfa2M=w1270-h565-iv1]
Not sure if its our site or where the pictures are hosted but they aren't showing up except for the 1st one. We will see if we can troubleshoot that for you!

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