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My 05' Honda Cmx250 a.k.a "La Perra"
Looks like I'm the only rebel rider here but I'll leave this up for you all to see. This is my first bike it was stock when I first picked it up about 7 or so months ago pretty cool bike to have fun on. Anyways onto the bike itself.

[Image: 9pm8tc.jpg]
Here it is the day after I got took it to a ride out to Valyermo out in Palmdale and hung out creekside for a bit.

[Image: 29z4ghe.jpg]

This was awhile back I had dumped the bike damaging the bars and the left side turn signals, I since fixed all of this but no longer have a speedo..

[Image: vgrd5k.jpg]

Since that unfortunate accident(I really loved those z bars) I roll with only one mirror now, tc bros lanesplitters, emgo shorties, and a license plate relocation kit, shaved front fender and tank of paint.

[Image: 34h9hqe.jpg]

Heres another snap of the bike and Monte Carlo except with a little snarl.

[Image: 1zezdi1.jpg]

Finally popped my Neptunes net cherry haha its a pretty sweet ride down pch.

[Image: 25tkkcm.jpg]

Not too long ago just having some fun on the dirt. I'll have more pictures up in the following days I got to get my homework done and I have work tomorrow so I'm outta time hah. Thanks for looking!

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