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96 Savage build
So I purchased this bike about a year ago just as a daily with the intention of doing a quick cookie cutter bobber build. Nothing crazy just a hard tail, solo seat and some friscos. About 3 months ago I met Eric from Casa Customs at a swap meet and was going to have him build me an exhaust. I was fairly new to California, hadn't found a shop I liked yet and didn't have the serup to do the work myself. I swung by the shop one day and we talked bikes for a while. Seeing that I knew my way around the shop he asked for some input on a build he was currently working on. Long story short I put in a little work and 4 months later I'm a full time employee. 

The cookie cutter bobber I had intended to do went an entirely different direction. 
Short list of what's done 
1 into 2 exhaust 
Headlight Fairing with integrated tachometer 
Chin Spoiler 
Cafe style Speed seat 
Rear wheel moon disc caps
Clip ons
Firestone champion deluxe front and rear 
17/45 sprockets 
Tsubaki chain
Paint and graphics 

I don't consider myself a bike builder, just an extreme modifier of an existing product!
not the style bike i ususally like. but damn bro your bike looks sick. its different and stands apart. you got more pics of it?
nice build man.

what tire is the rear?

do you have any issues with chain vibrations with that long of stretch?
The rear tire is a firestone champion deluxe 5 rib. It's actually a late 40s John Deere front tractor tire repop. It gained popularity a few years ago with its use on a few Japanese builders bobbers. Their wide front and rear tire style had it showing up on both ends of a bunch of builds. It's a 15" which fills the gap or a retro style tire for 15" wheels since there isn't an actual motorcycle tire in that size of a vintage style. Your stuck with either an excelsior which is a car tire or early 80s versions of vintage.

The chain is 119 links which isn't too bad. I don't get any slap from it. I do get some vibes every now and again but it's not enough to bother me. The stretch is only about 4" give or take.

here is a shot of the bike before I met Eric from Casa Customs. Very simple bobber build. street tracker style exhaust, 4" friscos, bolt on hardtail and peanut tank.

then came the jockey shift. this was extremely challenging since there was no kit I could take from to mount this

next came the speed seat

seat coming together. bending the speed hump over the base and welding in

ok that's enough for now photobucket is killing my laptop with all the pop ups
I don't consider myself a bike builder, just an extreme modifier of an existing product!
Sweet build! Can't wait to see more builds from you with this new job coming!

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