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1982 XS650 (Beulah Ball Breaker)
So I picked up this frame up last March sight unseen with a complete parts bike and spare motor and mag wheels and some misc. The frame had title and got it all for $650 had a family member pick it up and trailer it back to CO when they came to visit. And then it all started xs fever took over and am now building three at the moment and built one last summer and sold that to fund the rest. Slowly this one is taking shape. Here are a some pictures form beginning to now, its still not done (taking my time, work full time, school full time, a 5 month old and 3 year old and a wife doesn't leave much time for bikes).

This is the frame when I got it, hard tail was a hack job so took all that off and and cleaned some stuff up

[Image: IMG_6739_zpsrvcs0tmj.jpg]

[Image: 20140624_160003_zpstykp76ch.jpg]

Decided on the Voodoo Vintage MK21 hard tail I think they look great and like that they don't really require jig to set up straight.

[Image: 20140702_083912_zpsghmevzxa.jpg]

[Image: 2014071195113007_zpsihcjcnsi.jpg]

[Image: 2014071495155458_zpsfjz7cboj.jpg]

Here is the tank I originally was going to go with but decided I wanted something a little different then every other xs bobber

[Image: 2014071795155627_zpsagyh3szc.jpg]

[Image: 20140831_164501_zpsldv3be1m.jpg]

Doing some welding for the brake parts, tank & seat bungs and fender mounts., So far I have mocked up two different fenders, two tanks, two seats, and three different seat springs set ups. Couldnt seam to make up my mind at first and its hard to tell sometimes without actually having things in hand. but I have settled on somethings finally. The first picture has the original seat and 5" harinpain springs, second is new seat from TCBros and 4" springs, now have still have the TC seat but with 3" springs.

[Image: 2014-10-09%2012.21.48_zpspvspu8cy.jpg]

[Image: 20141106_165653_zps5dts37yd.jpg]

Polished up the forks a bit, I didn't want the mirror finish so I just went with a final 2000 grit wet and turned out great.

[Image: 20150213_162014_zpsqnjsxkg3.jpg]

The black motor in the original picture is now in a cafe I'm building. I wanted an aluminum finish motor and am planing on painting the jugs and heads black kind of like the old Triumphs. I found this one locally, it needs a top end but came with carbs for $140, not bad. It also fits cozy in the front seat of a Subaru.

[Image: 20140929_161440_zpsp7bifcvq.jpg]

Got the frame back from powder a couple of weeks ago, satin black for the color and turned out great, a body of mine has a powder budy that did it for $150(blast and powder).

Also the tank ended up sitting to low and to narrow for the stock upper motor mounts to be used and I know people run without them, but I want one jic so I picked up one hughs new upper motor mounts and that works great with these tanks have to trim the hardware a bit but the mount is far less bulky and fits nicely. 

[Image: 2015-02-18%2000.36.44_zpsdvkmvwq3.jpg]

The tank is the Lowbrow P-Nut tank and looks sweet, at least I think it does... I drew up this design for it. A blend of the old Yamaha racing stripes and tuning fork logo.

[Image: 20141002_143547_zpshzxbvb0b.jpg]

So I picked up the tins last night, I found the guy here on the forums in the shops section and he happened to live about an hour away so it worked out great. I was supposed to get it done last fall but the baby came early and everything got pushed back till recently. Iron_inc on here did the paint work and does an amazing job and ships in and out for all kinds of custom paint work (helmets also) check him out!

Here is a link to his thread.

It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures but the green is all lime flake and the black has a dusting of the flake and green pearl over it, it looks sick in the sun light!

[Image: 20150302_185013_zpscm2aw0ju.jpg]

[Image: 2015030795105722_zpsth6ecadv.jpg]

[Image: 2015-03-30%2002.32.56_zpsrxtp8jai.png]

For the tires I went with the vintage look, the duro HF317 3.25x19 for the front and HF318 4.00x18 for the rear. they look great and cost is right $108 for both shipped from I havent mounted them yet still debating if I want to powder coat the wheels or not.

[Image: durohf318classicvintagemotorcycletire201...yevqf5.jpg]

[Image: duro-hf317-classicvintage-motorcycle-tir...apyudw.jpg]

Getting the big bore all set up

[Image: 20150609_153234_zpsdcs2gzg0.jpg]

[Image: 20150618_225058_zpsvlkbndyl.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150619_012252_zpsg7qgiara.jpg]

Some soda blasting and a new charging system

[Image: 20150625_170645_zpsqm07gsev.jpg]

[Image: 20150708_234306_zpsi2hyznjt.jpg]

[Image: 20150708_234738_zpsyv1un1nv.jpg]

Micro ignition switch and kill switch

[Image: IMG_20150724_004129_zpswunjjfmr.jpg]

So this is how she sits now. Still need to get my spare set of engine covers all polished up when I have time, and at somepoint relace the back wheel, but shes sitting pretty till then and running great all 706cc of her

[Image: 20150812_104102-1_zpsnyzncdhj.jpg]

Pictures dont really do the paint any justice but it looks sweet in the sun

[Image: 2015-08-12%2010.57.23_zpsgy1nxb1t.jpg]
1982 XS650 Hardtail, 706cc of awesome.
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Instagram: bluecollarpirate 
Awesome build post! Would love to see your other builds as well! Definitely would love to see that paint in person!
I'll post up the one before this one but it's a cafe not a bobber still pretty sweet though. If your ever in Colorado hit me up.
1982 XS650 Hardtail, 706cc of awesome.
Our Motorcycle Wiring Kits & Fuse Blocks Available @

Instagram: bluecollarpirate 
bad ass build. for along time a yamaha xs was my favorite bobber style bike. i like how it looks alot. its clean not to much with it. i would ride the shit out that bike. hahaha
I like this a lot great paint work
hell yeah, nice work. love the yamaha logo
Thanks for the compliments everyone! It'll look even better once I polish up the engine covers this winter. I love this thing, it's no long haul bike but I love riding it around.
1982 XS650 Hardtail, 706cc of awesome.
Our Motorcycle Wiring Kits & Fuse Blocks Available @

Instagram: bluecollarpirate 
Took this one last week on my way home from the Distinguished Gentlemans ride here in Denver
[Image: 20150927_160518_zpsy7wkdjvh.jpg]
1982 XS650 Hardtail, 706cc of awesome.
Our Motorcycle Wiring Kits & Fuse Blocks Available @

Instagram: bluecollarpirate 
Such a good looking bike!
Thumbs Up 
This bike is awesome! I love your choice in tank and the paint is amazing glad you incorporated the yamaha forks that's just awesome.
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