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2001 Suzuki Intruder make over project
This is my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 800 that I am going to turn into a soft tail bobber. I have had this bike for a year and a half and have ridden it almost everyday since I got it. It has been a grate bike so far. I am going to trim some of the uneeded things. Give it a crimson and candy root beer paint job.  New seat, and I'd like to find some forward controls that are out farther. Being over 6 foot tall I'd like to stretch out more on it. I'd also like to find some louder better looking exhaust. I also need a touch more power it can have trouble keeping up on the interstates and highways. 

[Image: 20150511_205030_zpsb9yipa0i.jpg]
Bike definitely has potential and it looks like you've got a good plan for it! Looking forward to seeing the build as it comes along!
one of my boys use to have one of these bikes that was bobbed out. ill post some pics once i find them. he did a pretty good job on it. when i rode his bike i did notice it felt a lil small me being 6ft 2in. im sure someone has some new forward controls or you can get some custom made. good luck on your bike. love candy root beer paint jobs too.
I removed the sissy bar and front fender this weekend it already looks much better. I have half a tank of gas I need to burn off then the rest of the body is coming off.
I learned the ECM is under the passenger pad. Does anybody know of a good place to relocate that to?

[Image: 20150906_232639_zpsikgx2cex.jpg]
your lack of power puzzles me. 800cc bikes may bot haul ass ass but certainly should keep up at speeds. Figure out what filter/intake youll be using. Exhaust too and get knowledgable about your carbs and engine timing. You want to figure out you intake and exhaust first, that way you wont be wasting time tuning a set up you plan on changing.
Single carb or dual? cv?

Ill try to not be a term nazi here, but I have to correct ya. Softail is not any rear end with a suspension. Softail a harley term but can be found on a few jap bikes. Its a bike that appears to be a hardtail, but has suspension. You sir have a swingarm.

Good luck with your build and dont be shy, ask questions. You have a great start.

What year chevy is in the back ground?
I'm shopping around for exhaust I haven't found anything I care for yet.  It's dual carbs hopefully  it just needs new plugs and a filter to beef it back up.

The truck is a '65 C-10. 
[Image: 20150727_205851.png_zpsgms6g6jg.jpeg] 

I did all the lettering and logos my self and weathered them to make them match the patina of the truck 
bad ass bro. ive always wanted a old 60s c10 sb truck.
Thank you! For  19 years I wanted a '65 C-10 one fine day I just happen to have a grand in cash in my pocket when I crossed paths with somebody who had one and needed it gone. It worked out for me. I still have work to do but I have her running good and it's fun to putt around town in. I have turned down $3,000 and $3,500 for her a few times I just can't bring my self to let go even for a profit. 

I wish I still had my old '61 short bed though
I got her undressed today and ready for a trip under the knife and some new paint . I have all 4 colors of paint made I'm not sure if I am ready to show those off yet or not. Tomorrow night I'll start sanding and the tiny bit of body repair I need to do. I plan on Friday going and cutting down the fender so I can prime the tins on Saturday if everything goes smoothly this week.

Still trying to figure out performance upgrades and a couple of other visual modifications. 

[Image: 20150914_164229_zps07abo8wf.jpg]
Just a quick update I got the rear fender cut down and body work done on it during the week. A friend and I were up until about 2 this morning painting the bike. 

[Image: 20150926_004538_zps2wwa4vtw.jpg] 

Here is a quick preview  I sstill have work to do and will post up more when I have things back together. 

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