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2001 Suzuki Intruder make over project
More pics!!!!! Smile
pics!!!!!!!!! haha
We put the silver flake under the crimson candy and then the red flake on top of the red candy. There is auctually 3 sizes of silver flake and 2 sizes of the cherry pie flake. I still need to hand stripe some ivory to brake the brown and red up 
[Image: 20150922_215517_zps6hmez3lw.jpg]

[Image: 20150926_003239_zps4sdz8wyg.jpg]

[Image: Instasize_0922211520_zpsl3xegq7w.jpg]

[Image: 20150922_201423_zpsh1s7qydh.jpg]
I was griping today at work because I didn't like how the tank came out.  One of my customers who owns a body shop heard me and took the tank and rear fender. He is redoing it for free under the agreement I supply the materials and he gets to do whatever he wants. I'll have the tank and fender back Monday at the latest.
After the tank was painted twice and the fender was painted 3 times I'm satisfied but I can't say happy. The bike is put back together just waiting on my seats from being recovered. They are supposed to be ready friday. I'll get some good pictures of the bike then nothing I have now is good just shots of it in the warehouse at work
Haven't been on the forum in a few months. I put on drag bars, I have painted the frame, side covers rear fender black. I hope to paint the tank this weekend. Rear seat is gone fender is chopped more and electrical parts moved and wires rerun. This is how she sits today
[Image: image_zpsu1vfqqfa.jpeg]
(06-27-2016, 08:17 PM)Has your front storage bag ever hit the tire on a large bump?  My mechanic warned me not to mount too big a bag in this location. Wrote: [Image: image_zpsu1vfqqfa.jpeg]

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