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New site!
Thanks for checking the site out!  Remember, this is a brand new site and we're working to get it off the ground.  Please add content, pics of your builds and tell a friend to join.  We're not making any money off of this site and it's purely done for the love of the 2 wheel community.  

Thanks again and ride safe!

Much appreciated!
Metric Bobber
Excited to be on board so early and to watch the community/forum grow! Also anything I can do to help new members or people working on a similar bike just ask. I am new to it all but will gladly share what I do know.
" Look Long and enjoy the ride..."
~Juan Carlito~

Current Build - 2003 Yamaha Road Star 1600 Silver Edition 034/150

79' Honda CB650
86' Yamaha XV750
Thank you! We look forward to it growing too! Thanks for your support.
I can see some real potential in this new site.  I am excited to see it grow. 

Maybe you could do a home page "Bike Of The Month" type thing, and maybe do a short interview type story of how the build actually happened, and how that person tackled problems that most certainly came up during the build.  

Just a suggestion for what its worth.  Being different is the key... and thats why this site has potential.

Completely agree! We do want to do this! Working on logistics of it. We also want to feature builders along with a Q&A type deal!

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