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my vlx
this is my 3rd bobber. this bike was built buy hrb a few years back. i love the way it looks now but i wanna make it my bike and take it to a new level. so ive always hated how big the tanks are on these bikes. so it will have a peanut tank custom made and mounted for it. small rear fender added. getting new billet grips and pegs added. bike will be completely repainted. thinking of doing a matte black, with candy blue, white, and silver stripes, some pin stripping as well. also some of you may love or hate this but its never been done before. im having custom triple trees made, and a 26in spoke wheel made for the front. it will be one off.  i figured if ima do some of it i minus well redo the whole bike. also will have stuff powdercoated and custom exhaust made. hoping all this can be done in 2 months time so it will be ready for lone star rally in November. i will update while its getting done. also adrian and the guys at houstonretrobobbers are the ones who are redoing my bike. these guys work is amazing. enjoy

here is how bike sits today.

It looks great the way it is but I can understand wanting to make it your own.

I like your color choices as well but could I suggest a pearl white for the white. That always goes well with candy blue and matte black.

yea bro that sounds like a good idea. well its gonna flakes and stuff in the paint. i pretty much gave them my vision on how i wanted the bike to be. like how i wanted my exhaust done, and colors. but i told them do whatever they want to it. the real reason why i wanna change it up is almost every vlx i see now is the same. different colors, maybe different bars, but nothing that someone says wow. thats what we are gonna do with this bike. im sure alot of people wont like it, but i really like the whole idea in it. im just excited to see when its done.

this is the bike that really made me say ok lets do after seeing the 26in front custom made for it. its a kawaski vulcan 800 btw. but sorta like the vlx in some aspects.
Metal flake now your speaking my language. That 26" looks better that most 26's I see on some dentist or lawyers crappy bagger I'll say that much.

hahaha. yea man so the plan is to have my bike some what like the one above. instead of the green though candy blue, white, silver, and flakes of course.i want it to pop out. and yea bro im not a fan of baggers. ive seen a few look pretty cool. but those are not my style bikes. if you look up houston retro bobbers or mastermind designs. you will see how bad ass they can build a bobber or chopper. you give them an idea and let them run with it and you get a bad ass bike.
changing up the pipes will definitely do a lot for personalizing your bike as well.. Smile

yea thats the first thing i wanted changed. every vlx has those same pipes haha.
CUT YOUR VLX! honestly it looks good and is why I dig the vlx.

however it's also my biggest pet peeve with the vlx owners. They paint, add whitewalls and slam it down. Not hating on the style or the efforts but most then say #builtNOTbought when the reality is #stylizedBYme.

Keep up the good work man

i dont get what u mean by cut your vlx? well my main thing with this bike is to be totally different then the rest. you are right almost all vlx owners, paint, white walls, slam, cut stock exhaust and add tips. thats not what i planned with this bike.
For starters, dont just strut the ass end or slam it down. Cut it and make it a true hardtail. Its very simple on those as the bottom of the softail stays stock and straight. Great intro in fab and welding, also makes a huge difference in appearance. This is all true unless you want the suspension. If you choose to keep it soft than style wise is limited and two up riding will make a rigid ride for the lady and a soft ride for you. Of course you could figure out a crazy frank style fender and have the best of both worlds. Im not sure this will all make sense but onece I know your direction Ill elaborate more if need be.

Next I would modify the back bone to a single tube so you can run any gastank your heart desires.

Then I can point you in the right direction of making that neck accept any one inch harley front end. I did mine on my 750 and Im fairly certain they are very similar, just a bit different in the cut needed to accept the new neck. If your interested Ill find my thread on it. Its fairly straight forward and not too expensive. Then you can keep an eye out for front ends on chopper swapper and ebay.

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