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my vlx
(09-08-2015, 12:00 PM)Mr.Mandoozle Wrote: For starters, dont just strut the ass end or slam it down. Cut it and make it a true hardtail. Its very simple on those as the bottom of the softail stays stock and straight. Great intro in fab and welding, also makes a huge difference in appearance. This is all true unless you want the suspension. If you choose to keep it soft than style wise is limited and two up riding will make a rigid ride for the lady and a soft ride for you. Of course you could figure out a crazy frank style fender and have the best of both worlds. Im not sure this will all make sense but onece I know your direction Ill elaborate more if need be.

Next I would modify the back bone to a single tube so you can run any gastank your heart desires.

Then I can point you in the right direction of making that neck accept any one inch harley front end. I did mine on my 750 and Im fairly certain they are very similar, just a bit different in the cut needed to accept the new neck. If your interested Ill find my thread on it. Its fairly straight forward and not too expensive. Then you can keep an eye out for front ends on chopper swapper and ebay.

so right now its already has the strut to lower it. i was thinking of making a true hardtail on the bike but eventually im goin to bag it in the rear with a air cylinder. also i dont like having a woman ride with me. so having someone riding two up will be never. im adding a small fender to the back but keeping it pretty simple.

next the tank im going to use is a narrow peanut tank it will sit up like frisco style. its gettin done now as we speak.

for the front end. im gettin custom machined triple trees made with a 7in rake in front so the 26in front wheel will fit and will lower the front end a tad bit more. my main concern with this was i didnt want a huge 26in front wheel on the bike and it lift the whole front end up and look funny. i wanted front and rear to both be slammed and look even.

hrb is doing the build on this bike and all paint work will be done by czar at mastermind designs. so im not doing any work on this bike at all. this will be the bike i keep for a very long time. its kinda my dream bike. people ask why not do a harley. i simply tell them ill never own one. they time on this build should be about 2 months. i told the guys i want my bike back asap but i dont want them to rush it at all. ill keep everyone updated and pics taken as parts get done.
update: so decieded with the 26in front wheel the stock 15in wheel wont look right. so im going to do a 18in wheel conversion. also ive never seen a bagged vlx laying frame. they have to make a new swingarm. so when that is gettin done ima stretch it just a tad bit im thinking maybe 3-6 inches max. it will help it lay frame a easier that way. also going to get the motor painted black and diamond cut the heads.
Thats gonna look damn good! What size tire you planning to run?
(09-28-2015, 01:18 PM)jmilay Wrote: Thats gonna look damn good!  What size tire you planning to run?

rear tire ima just do a 180. i still want the bobber look so didnt wanna put a 200 or bigger on the rear. cant wait till its done. i know its gonna take forever now but it will be worth waiting for.
Tryin to be really patient here but the shop hasnt even started on my bike. not really sure when its going to be done now. but there is a ton of stuff to do.
Heres a update on bike. So instead of a 6in stretch the more I looked at it the more it wasnt wild enough. I figure with everything goin on with the bike then lets just go all out with it. So now it will have a 10in stretch, using dual air shocks for rear, doing front air ride, and maybe the seat as well. This is just the start so nothing is complete yet. Also the bike is getting a drop seat. heres some pics.

[Image: FB_IMG_1456245356446_zpsz7vqp55v.jpg]
[/url][url=][Image: FB_IMG_1456245350914_zpsvfs9wiet.jpg]
[Image: FB_IMG_1456245346910_zpsfnlldnoq.jpg]
Damn, thats gonna be a wild lookin' ride! Looks good! Look forward to seeing it done!
another update, redid whole backbone. im not really sure if this is gonna be a bobber anymore. more like a chopper now. hahaha. [Image: 12744166_1138090436225515_91222083986659...rbgcfu.jpg]
Frame looks a lot like baggers one. Good that it won't be a bagger. They are butt ugly.
(02-24-2016, 03:23 PM)wilhoster Wrote: Frame looks a lot like baggers one. Good that it won't be a bagger. They are butt ugly.

im actually really hate baggers. the frame isnt suppose to look like a bagger but i can see where ur coming from. this build at first was suppose to the normal redo exhaust, girps, pegs. Now we went completely wild with it. i love it. like most my stuff i dont ever try to be like how most people would do their cars or bikes. i usually go all the way in or dont mess with it at all.

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