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my vlx
Looking forwArd to seeing the outcome
other then the last pic. not much of any updates. went to shop and it looks the same.
Any more updates? I think I saw some on FB or something like that! Post em up if you got time!
updated pics. So with the new triple trees with a 7 degree raked and 10 in stretch the bike didnt lay frame once mocked up. so had to cup the neck went 2 up and 3 back almost pulled it back another 2 in. now it lays frame and looking sick. still gotta make exhaust, side covers, get all the air ride done, seat is getting made, fender done, paint. i was gonna use a aqua teal color with black and silver. but thinking of doing a matte black, shiny black, candy blue, silvers, etc. just alot more to do but this is how it looks after 2nd mock up. i love it. im guessing a month or so before we done now.

[Image: 15EE78F5-B32D-4445-BFB9-1F2E560C8E8E_zpsvw5zle8e.jpg]
[Image: 679A5D3A-15F7-4C59-863B-627323D234C4_zps5bqal6mc.jpg]
[Image: 61FE0EB9-D5CB-4F70-B630-52BD30BA0864_zpsjlksdzb5.jpg]
[Image: 41F19619-1DFE-427B-8834-6FC60D26FC00_zpszmcluimh.jpg]
[Image: 9FE25D1A-E537-439A-B2B7-6CE7EF7311DE_zps66nvhsmc.jpg]
[Image: DDC24FF1-489B-425D-B1E0-FD1D371F7F5E_zpskt5nxszj.jpg]
Damn! Looks like a lot of work went into this! Coming along!!!
Looks sweet , looking forward to the complete project
Nice work!
So after a very long long year plus a few weeks my bike is finally done. i cant be more happier with the outcome. bike was first started being built by hrb. hrb did not finish the build and kept on with the b.s. bad mf custom cycles, and mastermind designs, and myself finished the build. there was so much stuff hrb did that we had to fix. in the end im really happy with the bike. only thing left is to make side covers and redo exhaust. the exhaust is just crazy and will burn you pants or leg. but for now ima ride it and just enjoy the bike.  ill post more pics once bike is cleaned and detailed. heres list of everything that got done

26in front wheel w/ white wall tire
18in rear wheel w/ white wall tire
drop seat
completely redone swing arm 12in stretch
the frame was cut neck pulled up, raked
custom triple trees with a rake to fit the 26in wheel
motor painted and notched
custom seat
mastermind designs paint
colby foster gas tank
custom ribbed rear fender
front and rear air ride, with 2 tanks
fake oil tank to hide electronics
custom side covers
custom headlight bracket
custom handlebars
custom exhaust
all thats left now is waitin for machinist to get me the plugs for bars and parts on bike, and custom grips and pegs

[Image: DA7879EF-E1C3-4FA0-BDBC-9BAD3C20ED3F_zpsebtfyo7u.jpg]
[Image: 8E6EBFF7-1A05-4257-93F7-B2402B73ED0C_zpsuc4rda5v.jpg]
[Image: 9E3EFB59-7B7B-42AB-AC4F-72730EE96A4E_zpsxgvrg4w4.jpg]
[/url][url=][Image: 9C8E6C31-B7D4-424D-8987-7DAAF3FFCF52_zpsrhgmdjkd.jpg]
This thing came out soooo bad ass! Nice work to all the guys involved!
(11-29-2016, 05:31 PM)jmilay Wrote: This thing came out soooo bad ass!  Nice work to all the guys involved!
thanks bro. there were so many people who helped with this build. the list can go on and on.

yea i heard now someone trying to build something like mine. im like fuuuuuck. well time to step it up and do another build.

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