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my 2nd vlx
I just picked this up an hour ago. i got its for a steal its a 2007 vlx. it has drag bars, lowered front and back, black painted forks. the plan is to redo the whole bike. paint, poweder coat, new exhaust, cut rear section and add single pan seat, new license and tail light, new bars, stuff rewired etc etc. hopefully can have it done withing a couple months time. we will see. but this one will be built my myself and a friend of mine. here are pics of it today.

Sweet! Congrats on a new project! Can't wait to see it (finished)!

thanks. i got bout a million ideas in my head right now. the main thing is what color to do it? and should i do clip ons or 8 in z bars?
not clip ons:my opinion
Great canvas to start with lots you can work with yet not a major overhaul at the same time. 

Zbars for sure
well i already got a buyer for this bike. we will see if they come thru or not. if not then yea im thinking z bars for sure.

so buyer flaked. so this is the bike ima take apart and really learn everything on. first up i gotta get me some tools. also ive never welded before. so im going to buy a cheap welder and practice on some pieces with that. anyone with any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
If youve never welded before I would go with a good mig set up.

would be a great start. You need a 220 power source for welding. You can get a way with 110 but not if your new to it.

All the stuff I said about your other vlx was really meant for this one as you already have a plan for that one.

really i appreciate any and all info anyone gives me. ill look into a 220 power source for welding. do those use gas or gasless. i was looking into buyin a gasless one and learning on that. this bike im kinda up in the air what to do with it. should i go with the whole black theme. like black tank, fender, wheels? or do maybe red wheels, black tank, black fender, etc. im sure ill have a ton more questions when it comes to welding.
I wouldnt bother with gassless, its an opinion but Id have to say Im pretty familiar with welding. I personally dont think gasless has any place on motorcycles. Maybe a farm or certain industrial applications.
Using gas and having ample power will aid in learning. That mig i linked or one similar will be a staple in your shop for years to come.

For the money you cant beat eastwood with their 3 year warranty. Ive had the tig 200 ac dc now and think its a great machine for the money.

As far as the bike. Stop with the colors, its a waste of time personally and make you sound like your shopping for an outfit. Just busting balls, but seriously. First question, whats the goal of this build? Is it to learn how to color cordinate? is it to learn how to fab and do basic customizations? Are you thinking youll hold on to it, or do you wanna do some basics and move on?

Im gna guess youre into less ratty looks but these are my idea of a great vlx and hopefully solid inspiration you can do in your own shop. Style wise these are pretty spot on and will be for years in my opinion. 

This is why a single back bone is crucial. that tank sits bad imo.

The best thing about customs is that its all in the idea of the person building or paying. There are ultimately are no rules, but that doesnt make it open season for metric guys to ruin it. Not saying hd guys dont do dumb shit too, but the reason Ive found that metrics get the shit talked besides not being "merican made" is that there are so many "builders" that make annoying half assed shit and pollute the world of custom bikes.

Biggest mistakes in my book:

springs on springs.
I think it is downright rediculous to put a springer seat on something that has rear suspension. I think it gets done alot because its a relatively easy mod and a popular look. That doesnt make it right, but hey its their bike.

No rear fender.
Its just flat lazy and looks dumb. I always imagine the newb taking his fender off and going, "there looks better."

Rebar is for concrete, not on motorcycles. It doesnt not have the elements that other steel has that allows it to be used in this manner. Its dangerous as all hell and really just dumb to look at. With that being said, DOM tubing is all that should be used for fames and hardtails. Cold rolled for sissy bars and fender stuts.

Hand shift with the clutch on it.
One its lazy. Two its half assed. Three its got to be annoying to always start off one handed.

To me the ultimate is timeless. Stay away from trends and make it yours. 

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