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Kudos to Indian
Not a build thread but if any of you have not ridden one of these new Indians you really need to. Great bikes they all handle very well. I think the engineers at Polaris hit a home run with this line up. 
I like the Chieftain but even if I had the money to spend on one I just can't see myself on this type of bike at this stage in life

[Image: IMG_20150613_153245_zps38bm4f03.jpg]

The Darkhorse is probably the best thing I have ever ridden. Fantastic handling and I found out they stop really well too thanks to some cage monkey turning in front of me. They look awesome too. 

[Image: Instasize_0919142531_zpscqdfiaq4.jpg]

The scout is a great entry level bike even me being 6'1" with the relaxed seat it fits me perfect. I have ridden one during the Indian demo truck event and then again at another dealer just killing time during another event they were having. I really like these scouts  If I wasn't wanting to buy another house next year I'd pop on one of these. 

[Image: 20150613_140614_zps2ez7braf.jpg]
The Silver bike ^^ looks pretty nice! I'd definitely ride that thing! Posture would suck but I would love to see some drag bars on that!
I rode a chieftain earlier this year. It was a very nice bike. The windshield is motorized. Electric fork lock, keyless ignition, cruise, radio, all sorts of bells a whistles for a factory bike. I'm not in the stage of life for a bagger either but it was really nice.
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I agree, at 36 I'm not quite ready for all that give me 20 years  and another back surgery I'll be there
I agree, Indian is making a sick lineup with excellent quality. I've been eyeing the Dark Horse as a nice second bike for longer trips, would have to get those apes.

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