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First attempt at a rattle can Design.

Not the greatest first attempt at painting, But i really like how it Looks design wise and the colors. Pretty orange peely but i just blasted it with rattle cans for fun.
Step One: was primer, Just a rattle can of etching primer.
Step two:  was some metalic Silver Rustoleum  from Canadian tire. painted the whole fender Silver just to get the silver outline.
Step three: I used 3m 1/8th pinstripe tape, great stuff to mask off the silver circles.
Step Four: I used anodized red metal cast spray paint, and painted the whole fender red. Its a Candy type  paint, so you can see the metal sparkles from the silver.
Step Five: Failed at making a pattern.
Step six: repainted front half of fender again.
Step seven: used Flowery Lace and flat black paint over the red circles to get the new pattern.
Step eight: Masked off the Circles, and painted the whole fender flat black.
Step nine: peeled all tape masking off.
Step ten: clear coated the fender and ran out of clear-coat.
Step eleven: Will get a pro to do it maybe over the winter.$$$$$$ Or if i am bored try try again.
Looks pretty Flippin good I say. Go get you an affordable but decent HVLP like a Airgunsa or Finishline  and you'll be set to do some really quality work. Looks like you have so art talent to start with so that always helps with these paint project. Keep it up
Thank you A Minus Cycles. Definitely a proper Gun will help a lot.. I will need a lot of practice before i try on my Gas tank. I will need a little airbrush gun for the details.
It's like anything else it just takes time some pick it up quickly I did and I have some guys who work for me that have really taken to it. I have a kid working for me who has been painting for less than 2 years he can out paint me most days I have even learned a few things from him and I have been painting since he was diapers. 

Save your coins and go buy a decent gun no need to buy a Iwata Super Nova or anything like that at this point check with a local body shop see if they have any old body panels for you to practice on then go down to a local paint Store and see if they have any mistints  for cheap they should. I'll sell ours cheap give them away or heck I have even traded a half gallon of mistint for 2 dozen homemade tamales before. 

As far as a air brush  look at the Iwata GFX great brush comes with a compressor for under $200.
Came out really damn good!
That looks amazing for some rattle can! LOL the steps definitely sound like me trying to paint.   I cant ever clear rattle can because it always absorbs too much moisture in the air.  Always turns foggy looking.  That looks like it came out pretty good. Pretty crazy fender you got there also.
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For a Rattle can job, you done your self proud. Im far from an experienced Painter. I dabble in it from time to time and the 60's style is something I have a healthy fondness for. Airbrushing is some thing Ive done for a number of years now. Depending how far you wanted to go.. You may well, just get by pretty good with a nice Mini HVLP spray outfit.

Use it for base's and swap out needles and for edge detailing. Mini's as full size guns can have the side ports shut off (Fan spray) so all you have is your Cone spray pattern.
Or.. Look at any airbrush with a .3 to .5 needle tip, and you'll go far.


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