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New to the forum!
Found this site from your Instagram, love all the pics of the sweet bikes! I own a 2014 Yamaha/Star Bolt. I'm a trucker so I don't get to ride as often as I wish and I haven't been able to do much to the bike yet, but I plan to eventually make my bike a proper bobber, going all out with a rigid frame. It'll be a work in progress and I'll post pics as I do more to her.
I was eyeing up these bikes a bit ago . . . can't remember what it was but something about it seemed hard to work with for a chop. Probably jus some fancy emission control stuff lol
Good looking bikes though and saw a pretty cool one done on another forum. Keep us posted!
" Look Long and enjoy the ride..."
~Juan Carlito~

Current Build - 2003 Yamaha Road Star 1600 Silver Edition 034/150

79' Honda CB650
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Welcome! Love the bolts! There's a few I posted in the AIMExpo event to that look pretty killer too! We'll get some stickers out your way!
That is a great looking bike.

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